Jazzy CBD Flower from cbdhemp.direct


  • Smell – 5/10

  • Look – 7/10

  • Smoke – 4/10

  • Effects – 9/10



Came super quick, wrapped in a foil wrapper?!? I guess to protect from the smell? It wasn’t really a oxygen bag like you get at your local dispensary in Cali. It was more like the mylar reflector for a grow room. Opened the usps flat rate envelope and it was smack you in the face loud. Smell was like the mids sacks you would get as a teen but stronger. Came with free pink rolling papers.

First impressions of it were great until I lit up a bowl of it. Dry and nasty, brings me back to the reggy dirt weed teen days almost. After that I packed a bong with some ice and it was 10x better and tolerable to smoke.

Great calming effect almost like a warm blanket on a cold night, immediately felt content with life and everything around me. Super rad feeling and long lasting. About 2 – 2 1/2 good hours of peak with this. After effects are very mellow, sleepy and relaxed. Great for a night time dosing IMO.


The buds are pretty uniform, a mix of small/med and large ones. No shake, all bud. Packaging was more pretty then useful, I can’t see it lasting long (Maybe why mine was stale and dry?)

All and all I would recommend this product, maybe mine was just a stale old batch? Still was great overall and worth the $$.

Overall Id give it a 6.5/10

(Only due to the harsh dry smoke they deff need to fix this if they are going to market it as enjoyable smoke).

cbdhemp.direct as a company was 8/10 with the shipping and speed. (Reasoning was the Smell and how it could get caught in the mail pretty easy.)

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