Abracadabra Coffee Releases CBD-Infused Cold Brew


In the past year, food and beverage producers have released everything from chocolate truffles to beer laced with cannabidiol, the cannabis compound said to relieve muscle pain, upset stomach, anxiety, autism symptoms and more. Chefs have even prepared special meals with a dose of the stuff in every course.

Now, Abracadabra Coffee, the Woodstock roastery known for sourcing single-farm, single-origin beans, is set to release its first batch of CBD cold brew, company cofounder Sarah Yetter told Seven Days.

The new beverage is dubbed Chill Brew and packaged in a can combining artwork by Abracadabra artist friend Dang Olsen and local designer Andrew Plotsky. The beans come from a small farm in Ethiopia; the CBD oil, from Luce Farm in Stockbridge.

The coffee makers connected with the hemp farm some time ago at the Vermont Farmers Market in Rutland, according to Yetter, and the chemistry felt right.

“Our companies aligned really well,” she said, “so we decided to do a collaboration with them. We really like what they do, and they really like what we do.”

And, Yetter added, customers seemed ready for coffee that does more than just caffeinate them. “[CBD] is something we really believe in, and it seems like a good first step in the natural progression of the market,” she said.

Each can contains 20 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD oil. According to Luce Farm, the oil contains all of hemp’s naturally occurring cannabinoids (not just cannibidiol), along with the plant’s aromatic compounds and traces of THC, all of which are thought to enhance the CBD’s effect.

As for the coffee’s tasting properties, Yetter said the herbaceous hemp flavor is apparent in every sip. “That was intentional on our part,” she said. “We chose [this specific] coffee because it’s a fruity, floral, juicy coffee, and the CBD has a really nice floral aroma.”

Sound like something you’d like to try?

Abracadabra will host a release party this Friday, July 13, at its Woodstock roasting facility. Customers can swing by for coffee, food trucks and record-spinning.

Chill Brew also will be at retail outlets including South Burlington’s Healthy Living Market & Café, South Royalton and Rutland co-ops, and Hops & Barley in Woodstock.

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How to Take CBD Oil For Maximum Effects, According to an Expert

You may have heard about the purported health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), including relieving anxiety and pain, reducing seizures, and getting better sleep. CBD is derived from the marijuana plant, but it doesn’t contain THC, the compound that makes you feel “high.”

If you’re interested in trying CBD for yourself, one of the most common ways is with CBD, or hemp, oils. Unfortunately, many of these products don’t come with instructions on the best way to take it, so we asked neuroscientist and cannabis expert Josh Kaplan, PhD, about the best way to consume your CBD oil. Dr. Kaplan said there are two ways to take CBD oil: under your tongue (“sublingually”) or swallowing it immediately (whether by itself or mixed with food). The method in which you take CBD oil depends on the results you are looking for.


The Best Way For Fast Relief

In the sublingual method, you put a drop or dropper of oil (depending on the suggested serving size) under your tongue and wait a minute or so before swallowing. Dr. Kaplan says this way is best for quick relief.

“Once the CBD passes through the skin under your tongue to the blood, it rapidly makes its way to the brain and the rest of the body, where it can start having effects,” he told POPSUGAR. “These effects are therefore felt within minutes and can last for a few hours.” So if you’re looking for a fast relief from pain, migraine, or acute stress, that may be the way to go.

“Plus, it allows you to easily titrate the dose,” he said. “That is, you get relatively rapid feedback and can take another dose if necessary.”


If You Want It to Last Longer

You can also drop CBD oil directly in your mouth and swallow it as is or mix with your favorite food or beverage. Dr. Kaplan suggests this way works best if you are seeking long-lasting relief because the effects last longer when taken orally.

“The downside is that they take longer to kick in because it gets absorbed through your digestive tract, which is slower,” he explained. “While it may take an hour or two before the effects are noticed, they may last longer than the sublingual method of consumption.”

He noted that if your oil also has THC (found in some cannabis oils), taking it orally may maximize the effects of the THC, since the byproduct of it being processed by the liver is a stronger compound than THC. But CBD oils, including hemp-derived varieties, don’t typically contain any THC. And if they do, it’s in very small amounts that aren’t enough to have any effects.


The Final Verdict

It all depends on your desired results; both ways have their advantages. If you want your CBD to work quickly, then taking a dosage under your tongue, waiting a minute to 90 seconds, and then swallowing will be the way to go. If you’re looking for the effects to last longer, then you may want to take it orally.

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Project Bar & Grill Partners with PlusCBD Oil to Offer CBD Cocktails

Project Bar & Grill, a neighborhood bar with cocktails on draft, 24 beer taps and elevated bar food, has launched a delicious new line of lemonades and cocktails infused with Cannabidiol (CBD), using San Diego’s own PlusCBD Oil. The CBD lemonades were created by Project Bar & Grill bartenders Drew Murphy and Nick Adams and are served on draft, with three options:

CBD Vodka Lemonade – Vodka and lemon juice

CBD Tropical Lemonade – Rum, Fernet, lime juice, pineapple, orgeat

CBD Fernet Lemonade – Fernet, lemon juice & mint

All CBD lemonades have 15 mg of CBD isolate from PlusCBD Oil. Mike Sill, co-founder of The Brew Project, shares, “CBD lemonades are scientifically designed to reduce headaches, hangovers, nausea, inflammation & stress. These are perfect patio punches for the warm weather approaching and are huge hangover cures for our new brunch menu (although you can order them at all times). CBD gives you a clean, calm sense of relief.”

For those unfamiliar with CBD, or confuse it with marijuana, here is the low down. PlusCBD Oil National Educator, Maggie Frank, shares, “Both are cannabis plants, but hemp and marijuana are not the same. Marijuana gives you the psychoactive high, hemp does not. Just like buying hemp seed or hemp protein is not going to get you stoned, neither is CBD-rich whole plant hemp oil.”

So if it isn’t going to get you high, what is the point? Frank offers, “The reality is that this is just a super food! CBD-rich whole plant hemp oil just happens to be the very best food to feed a system that most of know nothing about – the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Essentially, your ECS is your body’s main adaptogenic system. It means it’s helping you adjust to change on daily basis. Your mental, your physical, and your emotional well being is maintained and regulated by your ECS. They may feel that when they take this they get a little bit of a lift; some people may find that it helps them deal more effectively with stress.”

Project Bar & Grill
3683 Fifth Avenue, , CA 92103

(619) 795-7890

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The Hop to serve cannabis-infused ice cream (ASHEVILLE, N.C)

The Hop Ice Cream Cafe will soon be serving up a bold new flavor with a unique ingredient—cannabis.

More specifically they are using CBD oil extracted from cannabis plants.

“It’s the only thing that helps keep my pain more or less in check after a surgical procedure, where I was on narcotics and this and that,” CBD oil user Jeff Paskow said.

For pain relief, inflammation, anxiety and more, patients, like Paskow swear by using CBD oil.

“It stops that moment of a little something and I feel better about it, because this is a killer,” Paskow said motioning to his left shoulder.

Paskow said he rubbed or vaped the oil, which Brian Bullman, co-owner of Carolina Hemp Co., said would not give him a buzz, as with smoking marijuana.

“It’s all cannabis, right? The primary difference is the THC content,” Bullman said. “The 2014 farm bill weighed a legal parameter. Cannabis with 0.3 percent or less THC can be legally classified as hemp.”

From hemp plants, Ashley and Greg Garrison, co-owners of The Hop Ice Cream Cafe, planned on serving up their CBD ice cream.

“We actually steep the hemp flower buds in the ice cream, and it does give it a little bit of the, like, dank hempy smell and flavor. But it’s really delicious,” Ashley said.

The CBD oil also made it relatively nutritious, with essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

“When we launch it on the 29th of June, it’ll be in conjunction with a wellness night that we’re doing at the creamery,” Greg said. “So, that night, we’ll have all different kinds of ice creams that are sort of inspired by healthier ingredients.”

One of those ingredients—CBD oil—continued inspiring patients like Paskow.

“I would say it’s definitely a huge alternative, because what was I going to do?” Paskow said.

The new flavor at The Hop will debut June 29, 2018 at all three locations.

You can find them here http://thehopicecreamcafe.com/

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