Best 510 vape battery 2018 (Hands Down)

Komodo C5 Box Mod Kit – Best 510 vape battery 2018 (Hands Down)

After trying to find the perfect bat for 510 carts, I have finally found one worth my time. This Komodo c5 is hands down the best bat we have ever used here. Not only is it adjustable but it’s also priced in under 15$ usd. Which makes this hands down a steal in our book.

You can pick on up here for 14.99$ shipped anywhere in the USA!

It came with a charging cable, and two magnets one for .5 and 1.0 ml carts.

The hits are perfect on every setting, no burning, just pure delicious vape as intended.

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JAZZY CBD HEMP FLOWER 7 Gram Jar – (Review)

Jazzy CBD Flower from


  • Smell – 5/10

  • Look – 7/10

  • Smoke – 4/10

  • Effects – 9/10



Came super quick, wrapped in a foil wrapper?!? I guess to protect from the smell? It wasn’t really a oxygen bag like you get at your local dispensary in Cali. It was more like the mylar reflector for a grow room. Opened the usps flat rate envelope and it was smack you in the face loud. Smell was like the mids sacks you would get as a teen but stronger. Came with free pink rolling papers.

First impressions of it were great until I lit up a bowl of it. Dry and nasty, brings me back to the reggy dirt weed teen days almost. After that I packed a bong with some ice and it was 10x better and tolerable to smoke.

Great calming effect almost like a warm blanket on a cold night, immediately felt content with life and everything around me. Super rad feeling and long lasting. About 2 – 2 1/2 good hours of peak with this. After effects are very mellow, sleepy and relaxed. Great for a night time dosing IMO.


The buds are pretty uniform, a mix of small/med and large ones. No shake, all bud. Packaging was more pretty then useful, I can’t see it lasting long (Maybe why mine was stale and dry?)

All and all I would recommend this product, maybe mine was just a stale old batch? Still was great overall and worth the $$.

Overall Id give it a 6.5/10

(Only due to the harsh dry smoke they deff need to fix this if they are going to market it as enjoyable smoke). as a company was 8/10 with the shipping and speed. (Reasoning was the Smell and how it could get caught in the mail pretty easy.)

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I was in town on business for a week, and it just so happened to be the same week as 4-20 (First 420 since rec use was introduced by the state).  A few co-workers of mine and I decided we wanted to try to place an order with eaze since we kept seeing all the billboards around town and even bus signs.

First impressions, the site is clean and easy to use. You have to submit your id via ticket/email (Super easy just snap a pic.) They had me verified in about 20-30 mins. We noticed they only take cash on delivery, not a big deal but putting it on a card would have been nice (They are working on fixing cc’s I guess.)

After being verified it was super easy to navigate and pick what we wanted, it was like ordering uber eats but way more enjoyable + more options. Most of the above pic is from Eaze. The rest from The Bloom Room (See other review.)

We ended up ordering around $300 of goods between us all. This included, Flower, Wax/Shatter, Mints, Cookies, Gummies and Cookie/Toffee. All of it was fresh and delivered within 45 mins from ordering.

I put on the order notes to be discrete due to 50+ of us staying in the same hotel, the lady delivering the order told the front desk it was a food delivery so they called me and asked if I wanted to let her up. Five or so minutes later, a super nice older lady showed up with our order collected the funds and left. We half expected a bouncer type dude to show up so this was a super nice exp on our part.

All in experience and products were above par, and we were super glad we ordered from Eaze instead of finding another dispensary downtown. Review 4/17/2018 in San Francisco

Overall exp was 10/10 would 100% use again! 

Use this link to get a free 20$ on your first order.

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Bloom Room Review 4/15/2018 in San Francisco

Main Website Image - April 2018_v1-01 (1).png

Stumbled upon this place recently while in San Francisco on bizz, being my first time in a Dispensary since the recreational legalization of CannabisMarijuana my buddy and I thought what the hell?

First impressions, walking down an alley that is Jessie St we thought this is kinda shady. Walking farther down we saw a bouncer looking guy who actually was super rad and a hella nice guy. He welcomed us in and asked it was our first time, we said yes so he asked for our government issued id’s and told us to take a seat and wait for them to call us up.

Place had great music playing, super rad people working there and was Dog friendly which is a plus because who doesn’t like dogs? They called us up to sign up for a membership which was sign and date here on an IPAD lol. Super easy, super fast and we were off to the back to have some laughs and pick out our goodies.

Line was long, but went super fast. I had looked this place up before we went, we ate around the corner at Mel’s Dinner (Super good and recommended btw.) So we already knew what they had to offer sort of. They have 4 gram 8ths all day which some are 25$.

I got up to the bud-tender and knew exactly what I wanted, we got 4 different 8th’s for $100 and a bag of chocolate chip cookies for desert :).

Blue Dream, Ambrosia, Blueberry Pie Littles, and Big Kahuna were what we picked out for bud. ( 2 Sativa, and 2 Indica)

The place was super rad, chill and not pushy on taking your time. They employ super cool people and take the time to make sure your experience is great. Products were all up to par with medical grade in a recreational setting.

You can visit them here

Overall the experience / product and price was 10/10

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