Below are some compaines / products that have been found to sell bad/laced products to consumers.

NOTE: You should never get “HIGH” off cbd products, this only means they are laced or still have THC in them.

What are some hemp based CBD companies I should avoid?

  • (avoid) Omega Labs

  • (avoid) Just Chill

  • (avoid) Medical Marijuana Inc.

  • (avoid) Kannaway

  • (Full Scam) – running a scam ring for money, no product w/ stolen pictures. Pic1  Pic2

  • (Site Full of scammers) – Careful with this site, its full of chinese scammers asking for Western Union / Bank xfers. Never buy something with no way to get a return/chargeback of your funds.

  • DiamondCBD – this company has been rumored to maybe be spiked with synthetic thc, forewarned! (Update – they have contacted us about free samples, when asked for labs to be included with said samples they ghosted us. DO NOT BUY from them.)

When in doubt you can contact us, or ask on reddit here